Twelfth Anniversary Ceremony of PropLuxurians Health Society 楹豐元氣學會十二年大典 (2016-07-30)
 PropLuxurians Health Society: Studying health theory, promoting healthy life and thinking attitude. Operation of information consolidation about health | 楹豐元氣學會:研究健康理論、促進健康生活與思考態度。經營健康資訊匯繹。
 PropLuxurians brand organizations | 楹豐品牌機構體
 PropLuxurians Cultural Industry Company Limited: Issuer of bridge & chess (board & card games). Purchasing agency of Hanhok/Hanfu (Han Chinese clothing) and Han-Chinese element products. | 楹豐文化產業有限公司:開發棋類與牌類遊戲產品。代理訂購漢服與華夏元素產品。

Member of PropLuxurians brand organizations
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